How To Withdraw On Coinosh
Updated over a week ago

To withdraw Naira from your Coinosh wallet, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Coinosh app and navigate to your Naira wallet.

  2. Look for the 'Withdraw' option within the Naira wallet section and click on it.

  3. Select the bank account to which you want to withdraw the Naira. If you haven't added a bank account to your Coinosh wallet yet, you will need to do so.

  4. Enter the amount of Naira you wish to withdraw. Ensure that you have sufficient funds available in your Naira wallet for the withdrawal.

  5. Double-check the withdrawal details, including the bank account information and the withdrawal amount.

  6. Once you have reviewed the details and are satisfied, confirm the withdrawal by clicking on the 'Withdraw' button.

  7. The Naira funds will be transferred from your Coinosh wallet to your selected bank account immediately. The exact processing time may vary depending on the bank and any bank network congestion.

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