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What Steps Should I Take If I Lose My Phone?
What Steps Should I Take If I Lose My Phone?
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If you lose your phone and your Coinosh wallet app is no longer accessible, you can regain access to your wallet by following one or more of these steps:

  1. Get a new device: Obtain a new phone or device to set up your wallet.

  2. Restore your old wallet: Use the wallet recovery process to restore your old wallet on the new device.

    Note: Your coinosh wallet can only be restored using your recovery phase.

  3. Set up a new wallet: If you didn't have a recovery phrase or private key, or if you prefer to start fresh, you can set up a new Coinosh wallet on the new device. Follow the wallet app's instructions to create a new wallet.

  4. Transfer funds: Once you have access to your wallet on the new device, you can transfer your funds from the old wallet to the new wallet. This ensures that your funds are securely stored on the new device.

By following these steps, you can regain control of your wallet and ensure the security of your funds even if you lose your phone.

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