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How Can I See My Transaction On The Blockchain?
How Can I See My Transaction On The Blockchain?
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To see your transaction on the blockchain, you can follow these steps:

  1. Identify the transaction hash or transaction ID associated with your transaction. This information is usually provided by the wallet or exchange platform you used to send the transaction.

  2. Visit a blockchain explorer website that supports the specific blockchain of the cryptocurrency you transacted with. For example, if you sent a Bitcoin transaction, you can use a Bitcoin blockchain explorer like or

    See: List of blockchain explorers.

  3. On the blockchain explorer website, locate the search or search bar. Paste the transaction hash or transaction ID into the search field.

  4. Initiate the search or submit the transaction hash. The blockchain explorer will display detailed information about your transaction, including its status, timestamp, sender and recipient addresses, and the number of confirmations it has received.

By using a blockchain explorer, you can view your transaction and track its progress on the blockchain in real-time. Please note that blockchain explorers are external websites and not directly related to your Coinosh wallet.

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