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Explaining Transaction Status In The History?
Explaining Transaction Status In The History?
Updated over a week ago

Pending Status

This status means that the transaction has not yet been confirmed on the blockchain. Transactions sent with a recommended or higher fee setting are usually processed within a few minutes. However, transactions sent with a low fee may remain pending for several hours or even days, and there's a chance they could be rejected. Please note that the status of an individual transaction in the Coinosh wallet interface is typically updated with a slight delay.

Processing Status

This status indicates that the transaction has been included in the blockchain but hasn't reached permanent finality. For smaller payments, you can consider the transaction as completed at this stage. For larger payments, it's advisable to wait until the transaction status changes to 'Completed'.

Completed Status

This status means the transaction is finalized and considered permanent and irreversible.

Failed Status

This status indicates that the transaction was not processed and no value transfer took place. Depending on the reason for failure, some failed transactions may still consume transaction fees. Transactions that were replaced or cancelled by another transaction do not consume transaction fees and will also appear as 'Failed'. The Coinosh app cannot display the reason for failed transactions, but users can look it up themselves on a public block explorer like

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