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Why Is The Wallet Balance Showing An Incorrect Amount?
Why Is The Wallet Balance Showing An Incorrect Amount?
Updated over a week ago

There are several reasons why the wallet balance in Coinosh may display an incorrect amount:

  1. Missing or Incorrect Exchange Rates: If the exchange rate for a particular cryptocurrency is missing or incorrect, it will not be reflected in the total balance amount. This can lead to an inaccurate representation of the wallet balance.

  2. Synchronisation with the Blockchain: When the wallet app is synchronising itself with the blockchain, the balance for coins as well as the total balance amount may fluctuate as the synchronisation progresses. It's important to allow the app enough time to fully synchronise for an accurate balance display.

  3. Pending Transactions: If there is an incoming transaction that has not yet reached finality, such as with Bitcoin, it may take some time before the received amount becomes spendable. For Bitcoin, specifically, it typically requires 3 blocks to pass (approximately 30 minutes) before the newly received Bitcoins can be spent.

  4. Technical Issues: In rare cases, there may be technical issues that cause the wallet to incorrectly identify incoming transactions for certain cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, and Zcash. If you encounter such issues, you can report them to the Coinosh support team for resolution.

It's important to note that cryptocurrency balances can be subject to volatility and fluctuating exchange rates. Therefore, it's always recommended to verify balances and perform additional checks when needed.

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